Sustain is redefining sex education.

We believe that sex education should cover everything, including pleasure, consent, reproductive health, and body autonomy— but unfortunately, the majority of American classrooms are not required to teach these fundamental topics. We want to change that.

By creating safe classroom environments, where students can gain a comprehensive understanding of sexual wellbeing and identity, we can give future generations the opportunity to establish a healthy relationship with sex.

So, we’re rethinking what sex ed looks like. No more condoms on bananas, scare tactics, and one-dimensional thinking. Through legislative action, thoughtful donation, and honest conversation, we want to create a bright future for sex education.

Sex education is broken

If sex ed isn’t medically accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive — can you really call it an education? Not by our standards. Let’s throw out the dusty curriculums, challenge these troubling statistics, and create a new model for sex education classes everywhere.


states requires sex education to be medically accurate


On average, parents have one conversation about sex education with their kids


states require comprehensive sex education


states require only negative information to be provided about homosexuality

Help Us
Reinvent Sex Education

Together, we can build a better framework for sex education. Here’s how we’re making it happen:

We are donating $25,000 to Advocates for Youth, a non-profit organization that champions honest and complete sexuality education.

We’re asking you: what was missing from your sex education? Share your story on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #sexpectmore and we will add an additional $1 to our donation on your behalf.

illustration of yellow banana with blue condom

Tell us how you really feel...

Sharing stories and experiences is a powerful force for change. Tell us what you wish you learned in sex ed with #sexpectmore. Gold stars for everyone!

girl holding vibratorcherries on fabricmeme about dropping skincareshirt that says "hydrate,meditate,masturbate"cat looking out of washing machinevenn diagram of "exercise, pleasure, and staying at home" the overlapping term is sex
illustration of megaphone
Support NY State Assembly Bill A6512

This bill calls for comprehensive, inclusionary, and medically accurate sexuality education in schools. Just a quick click “aye” to vote, add a note to your state senator, and ta-da! You’ve done your civic duty.


A Clean Slate

With guidence from our community of passionate sex educators and experts, we are introducing a fresh, comprehensive sexual education curriculum in Fall 2020. Stay updated on our progress by signing up here!

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